Hi, I’m Katie Sciortino Peak

A multimedia storyteller & mega dreamer obsessed with the human imagination and devoted to serving you through stories packed with heart & soul.

Because I believe stories have the power to change your world, and that may just start with changing the way your heart feels today.

Wildly curious


by nature, I could tell early on that I wasn’t comfortable in a single box.  So I decided not to confine myself to one. 

As a multimedia storyteller I’ve written, illustrated, rhymed, designed, painted, performed, and produced.  At the core of all these pursuits?

Stories from my heart and a deep desire to express the fullness, beauty and truth of this human experience.  Because...

I believe fiercely in the power of story to transform, no matter the medium.

I believe the stories we tell ourselves are the most important and I think that art can serve as a guide to how we shape those narratives for ourselves.

I believe we’re all on our own hero’s journey (as Joseph Campbell would say) - our own quest toward transformation - and I believe it’s never too late to start a new chapter in our story.  

This website and my work is devoted to sharing stories from the heart of my journey with the intention of inspiring yours. 

That could be through the soul and simplicity of a product in the shop - maybe “The Acorn on The Tree” hangs on the wall of your baby girl’s nursery as a reminder of your special, unbreakable bond, or the “Heart and Soul Sister” gold pendant hangs around your neck as a reminder of your courage and authenticity.  

It could be through an email newsletter that lands in your inbox at just the right time to say “me too” “you’re not alone in this journey.”  

Or maybe you relate to a character from our upcoming podcast musical in a way that prompts you to reconnect to what you hold most dear. 

Whatever has led you to this space, please know that it is a joy and an honor to serve you. 


FORMAL third-person BIO:

Katie feels very fancy about this

Katie has a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University with a concentration on video storytelling and degrees in Public Relations and International Affairs and a minor in Spanish from The University of Georgia. She worked as an Associate Producer of “Oprah: Where Are They Now,” a Story Producer for History Channel’s “Great Lake Warriors,” and as an Associate producer for the documentary “Remember Me Sue.” Katie self published her short story “The Light Guardian” and a digital version of my picture book “The Thanksgiving Feather.”  She’s also worked with the National World War II Museum’s Stage Door Canteen Theater and with New Orleans’ independent film studio, Second Line Stages. She has a penchant for picture books and musicals and an endless fascination with metaphysics and human potential.   She’s currently living in New Orleans with her husband Richie and their dog Dory, but is looking forward to her upcoming expat adventures in Spain in the Fall of 2019!


I believe words and stories carry a special kind of magic to spark healing & connection and to speak beauty & joy into our lives. I think simplicity is something to celebrate.
— Katie Peak