An Ode to Clean Closets (& minds)

Let’s get this straight up front: I know, I talk about closets alot.

But when I need to clear my mind, I clean a closet.  A little weird? I don’t care. It works for me.

This week I’ve been going to town, not only with my physical closets, but with my digital closets too.  

Certain pieces I’ve written are still in development or are part of a larger vision.  But some, well they’re just sitting there.

And I don’t want them to collect moth balls in dropbox or google drive.  I don’t want those little blue folders to be like boneyards where ideas and drafts go to die.

I want them to live a full life.  Make friends with other people and poems. Maybe even find love with an illustration and make great work together.

Isn’t that all we can ask for anything we create?

Today’s selection has been hanging out in one of these folders for more than a year.  It was inspired by an experience last summer.

My husband and I discovered a hidden closet in the bed and breakfast room where we were staying.  I started to ponder closets and my fascination with them. Then I scribbled a poem in my journal out of pure self amusement.  

Pretty silly but certainly symbolic.  It seemed fitting for today.

The Extra Door

There’s an extra door in my room.

Where does it lead?

Suppose I’ll do the obvious:

Open it and see.

Just as I suspected,

The only answer I could posit.

I open and discover…

A glorious, beautiful closet!

Why the enthusiasm?

What’s all the fuss?

It’s just a tiny room,

To hang clothes and store stuff.

Au contraire, I beg to differ.

Let me plead my case.

A closet can be magic,

A terrific, tidy space.

Some may say it doesn’t matter

It’s all “behind closed doors.

No need to keep it clean.

Shove stuff in and then ignore.

I’ll tell you a secret:

Closets are like our mind.

Although you may not see it,

There’s so much there inside.

Lists of things to do,

Judgments that we cast,

Dreams of the future,

Memories of the past.

If we can find an order,

A way to simplify.

Let go of what we do not need,

Excess junk won’t multiply.

There’s a peace that overwhelms,

When we take care of the unseen,

And make space for all the beauty,

Instead of bursting at the seams.