An Open Thank You Letter to Artists

blog_open letter to artists.png

Thank you.

What you do is important.

You may already know and embrace this, but if you don’t, read on.

Never underestimate the power and responsibility you hold.  Through the belt of a lyric, the stroke of a brush, the pan of a camera, the touch of the the keys, the style of a shelf, you can shift a vibration. You can move someone’s energy in an instant.  

But I know that’s not necessarily why you do it. You make and create because it feels out of alignment not to. You do it because it’s like breathing.

I love how you show yourself to a page or a canvas  knowing that while it may remain a physical product in the world, you will continue to evolve.

Whether you are acclaimed and well-compensated or unknown and unpaid, thank you for bearing your soul and daring to share it with us.  

Thank you for bringing beauty into our world.  Thank you for inspiring wonder and awe. Thank you for shifting paradigms in our minds.   Thank you for showing us that there is always a way, that forgiveness and redemption are possible, that love is our choice. From the bottom of my heart...

Thank you.

my definition of artist…

Artist, noun | art·ist |

Creator. Concerned with beauty and truth. Someone who makes: makes a story, a painting, a song, a film, a mixed media installation, something we’ve never seen or a gazillion other works; Also, someone who makes a home, makes someone’s day, makes dreams come true, makes time to see the world anew.  *By my definition, “artist” is not an elite or exclusive type.  Whether we make a physical product or not, we are all the artists of our own life. And that...that is something to celebrate.*

Read this post with…

The Make Manifesto” video. I promise it will get you fired up to make today a work of art.

And then…

Say thanks. If there is someone, a friend or family member, or maybe even someone whose work you have admired from afar, tell them thank you.

Tag them on the Facebook or Instagram letter I posted, or write your own.  Shoot them a text or an email. Send them a good ole’ fashioned piece of snail mail.